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Master the Big Band at Home!

  • PDF ebook with 10 new pieces for you to play along to.
  • MP3 playalongs for each part
  • Short Guides on what it takes to be an amazing player.
  • Editions for: Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Drums, Bass, Guitar and Piano
  • Incl. free album 'Ultimate Big Band Toolkit: Volume 2' of a world-class band playing the toolkit's music. 

Ever wondered what makes a professional Big Band sound as great as it does?

Want to improve your sightreading and improvisation?

Want a way to practice playing in a big band from home, and tired of searching for quality resources?

We've got the ANSWERS to all these questions and much more in store for you.

We've been overwhelmed by the amazing reception that the Ultimate Big Band Toolkit received when we released it back in 2021.

Taking ten years of making music together and cramming it into the Toolkit was a lot of fun, and seeing your responses and videos has absolutely blown us away.

It's also made us realise that there is so much left to explore...

- cue Ultimate Big Band Toolkit Volume 2!

Whether you are new to the toolkits or a veteran, there will be something in here for you: Ten brand new charts especially written to challenge your chops within ten distinct styles, an accompanying album with playalong tracks, and of course more lessons, tips and insights from us. The music on this album is written to include players with a range of skills and abilities, which makes it ideal for younger groups and school bands, but it's a satisfying play for more experienced players too. 

We’ve taken the thousands of hours of practicing, performing, listening, and learning that we’ve accumulated and packaged it up into a comprehensive toolkit that contains everything we feel it takes to become a great big band musician.


When unpacking your toolkit, you’ll find an ebook with accompanying mp3s. There are seven editions - one for each big band instrument family.  


Play sample tracks from the toolkit:

Guitar - Ultimate Big Band Toolkit: Volume 2 (eBook, PDFs & mp3s)

£19.99 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price
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