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GR Dowdeswell Custom

Mouthpiece Series


Custom mouthpiece designs for Louis Dowdeswell by Gary Radke of GR Mouthpieces.

"Getting the chance to work with a genius such as Gary Radke (GR mouthpieces) is an honour and a privilege. It's like going to the best tailor in the world and having the best quality suit made just to your fitting. It is worth mentioning that the process of how the mouthpieces are fit to both your horn and your chops is the real magic behind Gary's results. He has a very specific and thought through method using a combination of playing tests he has devised and different tools he has acquired over the many years of doing this. 

I didn't go to the workshop with a huge list of problems or even expectations. I was very happy with the equipment I was playing at the time, but boy was I was blown away when he got to work. After 6 hours of testing and inputting various numbers into his super-secret formula, the first T1.0 Dowdeswell Custom mouthpiece was born and I loved it!

I remember feeling like everything was easier, my top lip had more freedom to vibrate, my ascending and descending improved, my major 6th intervals were more secure, sound, range, everything just felt that much easier and it made the trumpet super fun to play!

Now Gary has my measurements, he can make other mouthpieces for me without me needing to test. This is how he came up with the rest of the line of mouthpieces in the series and they were all made with specific jobs in mind." - Louis Dowdeswell on GR

Note: All mouthpieces in the series share the SAME RIM DIMENSIONS to assist the player when making quick changes to their setup. Detailed comparison at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Trumpet Mouthpieces


The original mouthpiece made at GR's workshop. Louis' go-to mouthpiece for everyday work, great for a commercial sound and easy to play in all registers.


A more voluminous version of the T.1.0, designed to make a darker sound but without sacrificing too much range and endurance. This mouthpiece is a great crossover mouthpiece, particularly for those that like a relatively narrow rim diameter.


Even more voluminous than the T2.0, the T3.0 is designed to assist players to blend in with a darker, more orchestral sound while maintaining the rim diameter as the rest of the series. Perfect for C trumpet too.


If you don't fancy bringing your flugelhorn to a gig, then fear not, the TFD is a flugelhorn mouthpiece for a trumpet. It makes a beautiful, fluffy tone and still remains in tune, despite the large volume. A great tool to have in the bag.

Flugelhorn Mouthpieces


Louis' go-to flugelhorn mouthpiece for general commercial work. Shares the same rim as the trumpet line for easy swapping on gigs and makes a beautiful sound in all registers.


A more voluminous version of the FL1.0. This makes for a darker sound, more suitable to a jazz soloist environment. If you like a mellower flugelhorn sound, this is the mouthpiece for you.​


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